UN recommandations

Follow up of the United Nations’ recommendations

Morocco receives recommendations from  different UN Human rights mechanisms (treaty bodies, special procedures or Universal Periodic Review) reflecting the standpoint of the United Nations’ experts on the effective implementation of the commitments of the Kingdom.

Follow up of the said recommendations represent an opportunity for various stakeholders, primarily ministerial departments, to reinforce their judicial and institutional framework and establish or adjust their strategies in order to promote and protect human rights.

DIDH, as an interministerial body of coordination, implementation, follow up and evaluation of public policies is in charge of :

  • Elaborating, in collaboration with other parties, reports to be submitted to treaty bodies and coordinating the process of their examination with the concerned conventional committees;
  • Ensuring  the follow up of the implementation of the recommendations issued by the three United Nations’ mechanisms, by all the parties especiallyministerial departments and national institutions ;
  • Accompanying and supporting ministerial departments and national institutions in the integration of human rights in their respective strategies and policies, in compliance with international commitments.

In this framework, DIDH has proceeded in collaboration with its partners to implement the first national information system devoted to the follow up of the United Nations’ recommendations.

To ensure efficiency of this system, It has also proceeded to identify focal points in governmental departments, national institutions, and all the other parties concerned by the implementation of the said recommendations. This system will permit the acheivement of the following goals:

  • To facilitate and improve human rights reporting practices;
  • To support the integration of human rights in public policies ;
  • To ensure a large dissemination of Morocco’s commitments to human rights.