Studies and harmonization

      As stipulated in the decree of its establishment, DIDH “suggests measures capable of ensuring the implementation of international conventions on human rights and international humanitarian law, duly ratified by the Kingdom”. It supports and assists the government in elaborating and harmonizing the national legal and institutional apparatus with international commitments. It conducts necessary studies and give opinions, comments and suggestions about ministerial draft laws, conventions and agreements.

DIDH has issued opinions on the following draft laws submitted by the Government General Secretariat:

  1. The Draft Law No. 86.15 on  the Conditions and Modalities  of the Constitution’s article 133 application  (2013);
  2. The Agreement Amending the Arab Cooperation on the Organization and facilitation of Relief Operations (2012);
  3. The Draft Resolution of the International Red Cross Committee on Strengthening Legal Protection for Victims of Armed Conflicts (2012);
  4. The Draft Law No. 11-35 Amending and Supplementing Law No. 22.01 on Criminal Procedure (August 2011); (Bulletin officiel No. 5990 of 27 October 2011).
  5. The Draft Law No. 11-30 Establishing the Conditions and Terms of Independent and Neutral Observation of the Elections (August 2011); (BO No. 59.84 from 06 October 2011).
  6. The Draft Law No. 06-34 Setting out  the Conditions of Domestic Workers Employment, (September 2011);

Draft laws submitted by the Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development 

DIDH has given opinions about:

  1. The Draft Law No. 78.14 on the The Advisory Council for the Family and Children (July 2014);
  2. The Draft Law No. 79.14 on Gender and the Fight against all Forms of Discrimination (April 2014);
  3. The Draft Law No. 71-13 on Fight against Mental Disorders and Protection of the Rights of People with these Disorders (May 2013);


Draft Laws submitted by the Ministry of Communication

DIDH has given opinions about:

  1.  Draft Law No. 88.13 on the Press and  Publishing (September 2014);

Draft Convention submitted by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

DIDH has issued opinions on:

  1. The Arab Convention Draft on the Prevention of HIV / AIDS and the Protecting of the Rights of People Living with HIV (Notice to the Ministry of Health in June 2015 and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation  in February 2016).

Additionally, DIDH has prepared a note regarding international human rights normative framework about Justice reform to the ‘National Dialogue on Justice Reform’. The note was addressed to the Ministry of Justice and Freedoms (2013).