Interministerial Delegate

Mr. Mahjoub El Haiba was appointed as the Interministerial Delegate for Human Rights on March 18th , 2011.

Mr. Mahjoub El Haiba had been the Secretary-General of the Advisory Council on  Human Rights between 2005 and 2011.

Mr. El Haiba is the holder of a Ph.D. in political sciences and a professor of Law (Casablanca Faculty of the Law ), as well as, a national and international consultant in the fields of environmental law and international information and communication law. He had also worked as the Dean of the Faculty of Law in Casablanca between 1997 and 2000. In addition, he is the President of the Center of Studies and Research about Migration and Human Rights.

Mr. El Haiba has been a member of the following institutions:

  • Equity and Reconciliation Commission;
  • Advisory Council on Human Rights ;
  • Human Rights Committee (2011);
  • Moroccan Organization for Human Rights;
  • Center of Studies and Researches about Migration and Human Rights;
  • Moroccan Network for  the International Humanitarian Law;
  • Moroccan Association for Marine Science.