Regional Organisations

The League of Arab States

DIDH also cooperates with regional human rights organizations.

The Departement ensures active participation in theLeagueof Arab States Commission’s of Human Rights coordinating Moroccan participation in the High Commission of Legal Experts responsible for preparing the draft of the Arab Court of Human Rights adopted by the Ministerial Council of the League of Arab States (ordinary session, held on September 7, 2014.-No. 142).

Following up the recommendations of the 34th Extraordinary Session, DIDH contributed proposals and remarks to the Arab Declaration of Human Rights Defenders draft adopted at the 36th session of the Permanent Arab Commission on Human Rights.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Since its creation, DIDH has been involved, in cooperation with relevant ministerial departments, in activities related to human rights issues. It participated in the 4th and 5th sessions of the Independent Permanent Human Rightsattached to the General Secretariat of the Organization (Jeddah, February and June 2014).