The Decree N°.150-11-2 on the establishment of the Interministerial Department on Human Rights stipulates the following missions: 

  • Elaborate and implement the governmental policy on human rights and international humanitarian law, in coordination with ministerial departments, national institutions and relevant organizations;
  • Suggest measures to ensure the implementation of international conventions, duly ratified by the kingdom, on human rights and international humanitarian law;
  • Undertake all actions that promote the respect and integration of human rights in elaborating and implementing public policies;
  • Ensure Reporting  through permanent consultation with all concerned departments and institutions .

DIDH works in close collaboration with different national and international actors concerned with human rights:

Ministerial departments: DIDH coordinates the governmental action to promote the implementation of a coherent policy in terms of human rights. It is also in charge of drafting national reports submitted to UN Human Rights mechanisms.

Institutions and bodies in charge of the protection of rights and freedoms, good governance, human, sustainable development and participatory democracy: DIDH aims at fostering cooperation and coordination with these institutions through projects and action programs.

Civil society: DIDH developes partnerships with civil society,notably in terms of capacity building and interaction with the human rights international system.

International institutions and organizations: DIDH works on the enhancement of the interaction with specialized international human rights organizations at both regional and European levels. It also works, in collaboration with relevant departments,on the promotion of the Moroccan political and institutional experience in the fields of transitional justice, human rights and democratic development.